Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's been a while . . .

I was reprimanded by one of my best friends this week for not keeping my blog updated!! :) I love you Titi!! So here is an update on my life and the life of the Guys for the past month.

As I said before, I applied for a design team position but I did not get it! :( I am okay with that though! It was the first time that I tried for something like that but I know I am improving and can see my style changing all the time! I won't give up and will keep on trying!! In the mean time, I scrapbook whenever I can!! I love scrapping virtually with my friends on the weekends! It is great being able to get advice from other women who are very talented!!!

(If anyone can give me instructions on how to post my lo's here, it would be appreciated!)

Boys are doing great! Payton started Jr. High! Wow - I feel so old!! I have a child in Jr. High!! He seems to like it and is doing great! He has decided not to dance this year but is interested in getting involved with cross country and playing the drums in band!! Oh yeah, and he recently got braces!!! Between the braces and dress code, he looks so grown up when he heads to school!!

We are going through the potty training stage with Carter, Jackson and Grant! We have our good and bad days but that is to be expected! Hopefully soon we will be completely out of pullups! We have decided to hold off on preschool this year but thanks to Aunt Jennie, we are going to attempt to homeschool preschool!!! She is going to dig back into her skills from when she taught 3 year olds and create lesson plans and activities for us!!

We have been enjoying the summer and every opportunity we can to get in grandma's pool or out on the fishing boat!!! Getting lots of great pics but will not be scrapping those for awhile. Still working on a challenge from Aunt Jennie to get the boys 1st year complete by October. Don't think I am going to make it but all I can do is push towards the goal!!!

God continues to provide for us daily! We thank Him and praise Him for how He is working in and through our lives! Until next time . . .