Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Blog Hop!!!

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Slam into Summer Blog Hop! You should have arrived here after visiting with Penny. If not, then just go and visit If It's Groovy ( and you will be at the start of the hop!!!
Looking for an idea to keep the kids busy this summer?  Why not let them make their own album all about them?  I made this album using some recycled chipboard from work that was previously going in the trash!  Brought it home, made up an album, used my Cinch to bind it together and tada! An album for a friends child to add her comments and pictures to!  But you don't even have to put that much effort into it . . . just provide the materials and let the kids do it all on their own!    They could scrap their summer break, about their friends, their birthday . . . and the list goes on and on!  Let's get these kids being creative while they are not in school!

We here at If It's Groovy plan to show you projects over the next four days that make us think of Summer. We hope you enjoy your time and be sure to visit over each day as there may be new surprises along the way! We would love to have you follow our blogs and get to know us as well as give us a chance to know you :) 

Happy Summer!!!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you swim, splash and sweat your way over to Michelle's blog! 
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  1. Cute Pages! Love the Color Combo...purple is my girl's fave color!

  2. Great idea and I love all that purple - it's my favorite!

  3. Very fun! They're all great pages!!

  4. Great album for a young girl to get creative with!

  5. Darling book Heather! I'm sorry it is so hot in Indiana, and find comfort in that it is in the high 100's (106 - 113) the last 3 weeks here and my big "get the yard looking spiffy" plans have all hibernated. Can you say, "It's a dry heat"? Ugh! I truly feel for you.

  6. What a great way to get to get the kids involved in scrapbooking and being crreative! I love the colors too!