Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July camping trip

So, hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend!! Hope you got to see lots of fireworks!! (or BOOMS as my little men call them!)

My weekend started on Thursday last week!! We packed up the vehicles and boat and headed to a campground for the weekend! This was the boys' first camping trip! I must admit, I was looking forward to it a lot but was also nervous about taking 3 3-year olds camping for the first time! They did great though! They loved sleeping in a tent and going fishing!

We had raccoons and cats that got into our stuff the first night. We didn't see them but our neighboring campers did and scared them away! All they got into were the ears of corn and toilet paper. No major loss - Thank the Lord!!

We did experience a light rain over the weekend but Mickey Mouse's 3 Muskateers and a portable DVD player kept the boys entertained until the rain passed!

I think Shane and Scott (my BFF's husband - he and my BFF and their daughter went with us) were worried about the food for the weekend. They have to admit that Kara and I planned a great menu, the food turned out pretty good and they were impressed on a couple of occasions!! We even had a fish fry and fried up the fish that Shane and Scott had caught earlier this spring!

The best part of the weekend for me was watching the fireworks from the boat. It was relaxing and dark and people were letting them off from all around the lake so they were going off all around us!! It was a beautiful sight and it was so cool to see the reflection of the "Booms" off the water!

Yes, this means that I did not get any scrapping done over the weekend!!! But it also means that I got lots of new pics to scrap!!!

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