Friday, July 10, 2009

The End of Another Week . . .

I must say, I never thought the work day was going to end! It was a rough day but between a phone call from a best friend, some great online friends encouragement and strength from God, I made it through. Not without many tears shed, but I made it through!!

Payton was away at church camp this week. It was his first week away from home that he wasn't with family! He did a great job and loved it! Even said he is going back next year!!! He makes friends so easily that I knew he wouldn't have any problems!!!

I went to my evaluation for physical therapy for my neck, shoulder and back pain/tightness. I start therapy next week!!! I am praying that this relieves everything and I can get back to being "comfortable" again!!!

I sent in my first application this week for a DT. Can't wait to hear! Really praying about it!! It would be so cool!! I love their kits!!! Would be totally easy to get others hooked with all the great stuff they include!!

Besides that, not a whole lot happened this week! Pretty quiet - just the way I like it!!! Should be able to get some scrappy stuff done this weekend! Hoping to get at least a couple lo's and some cards done before another work week starts!!

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  1. :) What a fun week for P! I'm glad your day, got better.