Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks to all . . .

Thanks to all my friends and fellow scrappers that voted for my Brotherly Love lo on! Not only was it featured on, but it was also the Featured Layout of the Day for on Facebook! I was so excited!! I am not even on Facebook and wouldn't have known it if another friend from a challenge on hadn't told me about it! Anyways, it really means a lot to me that my friends and fellow scrappers thought so much of my work!!

Another big thank you to Shelly for sending me the instructions on how to post a picture on here!!! And to think it was soooo easy! Well, I never claimed to be a technodiva like my friend Ria!!!

Not a whole lot more going on right now! I am signed up for 6 or 7 challenges this month! On top of a normal life! What was I thinking! Oh well, something I love, love, love to do is create lo's of my family!!!

Looking forward to spending some wonderful ( & hopefully relaxing) time with the family this weekend!! Hope everyone has a wonderfully relaxing, scrappy and safe Labor Day weekend!!

Must go for now as my kids want to take over the computer to play their alphabet games! Hey, it's a learning game!! Who am I to say no to that!!!


  1. Stick with me, kid, and I'll turn you into a technodiva yet! :D

  2. Super cute sis! And the blog looks great, lets work on it some more ;)

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