Friday, March 2, 2012

Not for sensitive eyes! lol

If you don't like to look at pregnant bellies, this is not the place for you today! lol! Just got done scrapping another layout for a challenge over at This was for the "What was I thinking?" challenge! Hope you enjoy!

This pic was taken before I headed to the hospital on the morning of my scheduled c-section. 15 pounds of baby in that belly . . . and it looks like it!!!! I was stretched to the max! So worth it now though when I look at my boys!



  1. wow!! that is a lots of baby in there! the body is amazing with what it can do and endure. you should be proud.

  2. Wow! What a belly! I know you must have been so uncomfortable. Well worth it though.
    Adorable layout. Love the pregnant lady embellishment.

  3. first off... oh em gee that looks kinda painful hahahaa but it's all worth it huH/
    and second... THNX so much for entering the giveaway on my bloggie! you rock!!

  4. aww you poor thing.. that looks like a hella load to walk around with.. totally worth it in the end though. LOVE that pregnant embellie.. so pretty. Such a beautiful page!

  5. Have an all new respect for you! WOW! Great page- I love it!