Saturday, October 3, 2009

2009 Goals! WOOHOO!!!

My goal for 2009 was to complete 180 layouts!! Sounds like a lot you say? That is because for me, that IS a lot! But I just realized the other day that I have completed 165 of the 180 lo's!!! And it is just now October! With all the challenges that I am in for October, I should come up just short (2 lo's) of my goal by the end of the month!

So what is a scrapper to do?? Change the goal of course!!! So, as soon as I hit my goal, I am changing my goal! My new goal is 200 lo's for 2009! Bring it on!!!!!!

I also had a challenge goal. I slammed right past that goal months ago. I had never done an online challenge until 2009 and now I am completing 6 or 7 a month!!! My goal for the year was 6 or 8 - don't even remember!!

I did not set a card goal but have completed lots of them!! Talk about a savings from not going to the Hallmark store!!!!

Hope you are having a scrappy weekend!

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  1. How awesome Heather!! Congrats on your goals. I know who I am looking to for help setting my goals!!