Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's a cold, windy fall day!

I love FALL!!! I love putting on comfy clothes and a large sweatshirt!!! Well, I think fall is here!! Cold, windy and yet love the fresh air!!!

Figured out the self-timer on my camera a little more last night. That resulted in a new picture of myself, as well as a few pics of me and my little men! Think I will change my pic on here to the new updated me!!!

Well, here are the card and lo that I got done this weekend!! Hoping to get more done here in a bit but thought I would upload here since I was updating on a challenge!!!

Happy Scrappy Day!!


  1. Love all the layers in your layout. Great way of combining the flowers, I likeeeeee!

  2. The boys are just so cute in their peas in a pod costumes!! The LO is adorable!!